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It’s a running joke that every one has a different perspective of what a house is worth. And it’s the tax assessor that seems to always come in at the high end of the scale! Challenging the tax assessment has become an annual ritual in many parts of the country. Unfortunately, most people go into these challenges unarmed. They may pull some information from the internet to support their claims, but have no real basis other than: “It wasn’t worth that much last year.”

A real estate appraiser can help in these situations. While it may not be economical to commission a full appraisal to knock a few hundred off your tax bill, often an appraiser can do a limited appraisal or neighborhood analysis for much less. These documents can carry a lot of weight when you appear before an appeals board. We are also qualified to appear in court if needed. We are court experienced and have had a very high success rate.

These are hard economic times for all of us. We don't want to charge you for an appraisal unless we think your taxes will be decreased. Simply call our office with your address and phone number. We will do the research FREE OF CHARGE. If we feel there is a strong likelihood of a tax reduction, we will suggest that you proceed. That's our guarantee.


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